Music + art connect people.

Why own a skug?

Skugs were created to evoke an emotion, to mark a present sentiment, and preserve a memory. In a world where our digital identity coincides with our real identity, we wanted to capture the feeling and connection of a moment. We hope that finding a Skug is an immersive experience with art, music, and yourself. Each Crypto Skug was thoughtfully and carefully crafted by Jane Sorkin and Gloria Kim. No two share the same visuals or audio and they are all 1 of 1. Watch as the Skug ebbs and flows with different colors and textures. Listen carefully as Gloria’s vocals are featured in each Skug audio. It might now always be what you expect.

How to choose your Skug:

We encourage you to sit in a comfortable and quiet space, use quality speakers or headphones, and see which piece calls to you. Just like a certain smell, sound, or taste, can transport you to a specific time in your life, our goal for Crypto Skugs is to conceptualize that. The beauty of Skugs is that you may relate to it for a season of your life or throughout. You might add to your collection or pass it along to let someone else experience it’s qualities.

Does Crypto Skugs have a roadmap?

We do not have a roadmap with this project to ensure we are able to stay flexible and explore what the future has to hold!

Will there be more Skugs or drops?

10 Skugs will drop at a time. Once each drop is sold out, a release date for the next 10 will be announced.

What is the mint price?

Currently, Crypto Skugs are priced at 0.25 ETH

When can I mint a Skug?

Public minting for our first drop will begin January 25, 2022 at 10 AM PST on Opensea

I just minted a Crypto Skug, what’s next?

We appreciate your support in our art and congratulate you on your Crypto Skug NFT! Your Skug will now be visible on your Opensea account and wallet (if you choose). Primary buyers will receive a signed digital or physical print of their Skug (includes WAV file of the audio) and a digital meet and greet with Jane and Gloria. We will also have special surprises and giveaways for our NFT holders.

People create community.

The power of music. A rough sound was polished until it became a smoother sound, which was polished until it became music. Then the music was polished until it became the memory of a night in Venice when tears of the sea fell from the Bridge of Sighs, which in turn was polished until it ceased to be and in its place stood the empty home of a heart in trouble. Then suddenly there was sun and the music came back and traffic was moving and off in the distance, at the edge of the city, a long line of clouds appeared, and there was thunder, which, however menacing, would become music, and the memory of what happened after Venice would begin, and what happened after the home of the troubled heart broke in two would also begin.